Agility Puppy Formula


Velvet Agility Foundation (puppy) formula is specifically formulated to promote early skeletal and brain development and is positioned to assist in building a greater life for your beloved puppy. Give your puppy the best possible chance at the prevention of Osteoarthritis Canine Hip Dysplasia, Congenital Joint Disease (CJD) and take away the need for future, expensive, NSAID treatment WITHOUT THE RISK OF SIDE EFFECTS.

Velvet Agility Foundation (puppy) is for all puppies under the age of 15 months.

Build a solid foundation of health and well-being and help prevent the onset of arthritis, elbow dysplasia or other joint problems.

We have added three ingredients to our Bio Active Deer Velvet that help aid inflammation, support general health and assist in the prevention of canine arthritis. Take away the need for synthetic anti-inflammatory pills and let over 2000 years of experience help you today.

Each Velvet Agility Puppy formula contains;
Bio Active Deer Velvet
– 210mg
Fish Powder Extract– 70mg
Green Lipped Mussel– 40mg
Ginseng– 10mg

Bio Active Deer Velvet - A patented process that allows the body up to 70% absorption. Deer Velvet is the most natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine in the world! (Click here to see the full composition of Deer Velvet).

Fish Powder Extract– Is an additional source of Omega for the assistance in joint mobility.

Green Lipped Mussel - Contains many kinds of omega 3; EPA, DHA, ETA, OTA, etc. These are all essential for the human body. Green Lipped Mussel Extract also contains a rich blend of natural proteins, minerals and mucopolysaccharides. These naturally occurring Mussel Extract substances are increasingly being recognised as helping joint mobility, cartilage maintenance, good health and general well being.

Ginseng - A stimulant that reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Ginseng is promoted as an adaptogen (a supplement the increases the bodies resistance to stress and fatigue).
Deer Velvet is the second most important ingredient in Oriental medicine after ginseng to this day.

The combination of these four ingredients WILL give your puppy a better life!!!
Get away from synthetic pain relief and move to a 100% natural product today!!!

Deer Velvet, along with Velvet Agility, has been said to be "the oldest modern miracle cure all supplement in the world today".

Velvet Agility uses a new patented formula that allows the highest possible absorption for your pet. Bio-Active Velvet Antler is a patented fermentation process, used by New Zealand Velvet Agility, which breaks down large molecules and increases the body uptake rate by converting proteins into low molecular water extractable polypeptides.

Click here to see the full composition of Deer Velvet.

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