Renewable Source


FACT: Deer Velvet Antler is the only quality renewable source of glucosamine known in the world today!!

· The key to the New Zealand Velvet Agility products is the inclusion of pure New Zealand Bio-Active Deer Velvet Antler which is produced on natural, GMO Free New Zealand pastures in a peaceful, drug and toxin free environment.

· The Deer Velvet Antler is harvested annually under strict New Zealand Government approved methods by certified veterinarians and registered farmers.

· No animal is killed or harmed during this process.

What is Deer Velvet Antler?

Deer Velvet is the name given to deer antlers when they are growing. The name comes from the dense coat of short hair that covers the developing antler. 

Deer Velvet grows quickly and the stag (male deer) can produce in excess of 10kg (22lbs) within a period of 60 days.
Deer Velvet is unique, being the only mammalian tissue to re-grow naturally each year.