New Zealand Velvet Agility Benefits.


The benefits to your pet:

The benefits of deer velvet antler are now being increasingly recognized for pets. Vets and pet owners claim that deer velvet antler has helped with;
-Rebuilding joint cartilage.
-Increasing muscle efficiency.
-Lubricating joints.
-Improving circulation.
-Increasing energy levels.
-Regulating bone growth.
-Relieving arthritic symptoms.
-Promotes tissue healing.
-Cell repair.
-Promotes resistance to disease and injury.

 New Zealand Velvet Agility also:
-Helps with recovery after surgery
-Improves immune system function
-Promotes a healthier looking coat
-Acts as a great tonic for the cold winter months
-Tastes great to your Pet

Velvet antler has been proven in university studies and veterinary trials to relieve the symptoms of Osteoarthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and Congenital Joint Disease (CJD). And is a cost effective alternative to NSAID treatment WITHOUT THE RISK OF SIDE EFFECTS.

New Zealand Velvet Agility Bio active components:

Hyaluronic acid cement of connective tissue and a component of synovial fluid, lubricates joints.
Glucosaminoglycans (GAGs)
Chondroitin sulphate – building block of cartilage.
Glucosamine sulphate – building block of proteoglycans which are important for the elasticity of joints and the structure of joint cartilage.  
Phospholipids –
major structural component of cellular membranes.  
Glycosphingolipids –
involved with cell metabolism and the cells of the nervous system.  
Amino acids –
essential proteins.  
Collagen –
protein substance that gives strength to skin, cartilage, bones and other connective tissue.  
Essential fatty acids including Omega 3 & 6 –
natural anti-inflammatory.  
Minerals & trace elements including:
-Calcium (CA) 

-Copper (Cu)
-Iron (FE) 
-Manganese (Mn)
-Selenium (SE) 
-Magnesium (Mg)
-Potassium (K) 
-Phosphorus (P)
-Sulphur (S) 
-Zinc (Zn)
For a more extensive list of components please click here.

Deer Velvet, along with Velvet Agility, has been said to be "the oldest modern miracle cure all supplement in the world today".

Velvet Agility uses a new patented formula that allows the highest possible absorption for your pet. Bio-Active Velvet Antler is a patented fermentation process, used by New Zealand Velvet Agility, which breaks down large molecules and increases the body uptake rate by converting proteins into low molecular water extractable polypeptides.

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